Montolieu - The Book Village

Church of St.André Fountain in main square of Montolieu Church of St.André
Set on the southern edge of the "Montagne Noir" (Black Mountains) north-west of Carcassonne, Montolieu has become the "Book Village" and a centre for the graphic arts. Louis XIV gave a Royal licence to the "Manufacture" in 1735 for the production of cloth. Lower down in the village is the "Moulin à Papier de Brousses", whilst the village centre boasts fifteen book shops, and now, housed in the ancient textile factory buildings, is the "Gallery des Bouquinistes" with twelve separate booksellers, many selling some very collectable items. Engraving of the village church of Saint AndréEngraving of the village church of Saint André by Madeleine Neyret
In narrow lanes and squares of the village centre you will find restaurants and a café, and all the other shops needed for the everyday life of resident and visitor alike.
Heildelberg automatic Linotype Typograph
As an integral part of Montolieu's tourist office there is a museum of the Graphic Arts, a fine collection of printing machines through the ages. automatic printing press Monotype


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